New things are happening

We announced recently that there would be changes coming to the NIIT WIt group, and they are staring to happen. We have begun partnering with new rally masters, and the first one is Gary Huff who will master the North by Northwest Rally in September of 2020 in the pacific NW. It looks like its going to be a fun rally, so stay tuned.

The First All Male 2-up team to finish the IBR

That’s right kids, the very first all male 2-up team to finish the IBR was made up of our very own NIIT WITs Paul Tong and Peter Green. Not only did they finish, but they finished as the top 2-up couple, and in 4th place overall. An outstanding showing for our NIITWIts. Other NIIT WIts who finished were Brian Walters and  John and Nadine Huval. In true NIIT WIt fashion, Troy Martin, thinking this was a NIIT WIt event, finished  in last place. He was pretty disappointed when Lisa Landry told him the bad news.

Congratulations to our NITT WIts for finishing, finishing again, and setting records.