A real NIIT WIt is someone who is “Not In It To Win It” and would rather just have a great time rallying than worrying about their score. The Original NIIT WIts, Paul Tong and Troy Martin, have had some success in the rally world, and some spectacular failures. In the end, they just want to provide LD Events focused on the riders’ enjoyment. We will send you to great places, down some great roads, and maybe even to do some pretty great tasks, but it will always be with the enjoyment of the rider in mind.

What Do We Do

NIIT WIt Rallies does more than just Rally events. We also organize RTEs (Rides to Eat), Rally Clinics, IBA (Iron Butt Association) Certification Rides, and other various events that we think will be fun for rally veterans and newcomers to the sport as well.


Paul Tong and Troy Martin started the NIIT WIt group in 2015 to support Long Distance riding in the Mid-South region of the US. They wanted to produce events that catered to the rider’s enjoyment rather than for the entertainment of the Rally Master. They decided from the start that they would maintain a high standard for their events, including food, swag, host hotels, and especially bonuses. Having both been rally riders, they looked at their processes with the critical eye of a rider, and if they wouldn’t want to do it, they refused to do it to their riders. They also threw out the standard way of doing things and designed all their processes from scratch. Paul being in Law Enforcement and Troy being in Business Analysis, and both being ex military, they did things their own way and developed processes that were totally new and provided a much faster, more detailed, more accurate, and better experience for their riders.  They continue to strive to improve those processes and try new things to make sure their riders always have the very best experience possible.



Troy can be found all over the LD community. Just hollar, we’ll hear you. Or email me at qikslvr1 on the gmail and I will get back to you.

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